magazine-design-jobs-onlineAs any graphic designer knows, the graphic design world is a tough gig. You’re up against lots of other over-qualified professionals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed with the right approach and a lot of hard work. Currently, leading publishing professionals say that the most important thing designers need to know how to do is push a brand, according to US News. Once you’ve got these basics down, here are five websites to find the best magazine design jobs in 2014.


Mediabistro is where you’ll find one of the highest concentration of media jobs on the Internet. Whether you’re a writer looking for creative opportunities, a freelance graphic designer, or a social media expert, Mediabistro has it all. Major companies go to this site as a first stop to list jobs, but you also need to be prepared for lots of competition. Unlike design jobs that fall under the radar and are easier to get through connections and extensive networking, you’ll be up against hundreds of other resumes being submitted. Make sure you have a stellar, standout portfolio if you’re going to apply to a job you find on Mediabistro, and apply to as many as possible. That doesn’t mean you can let quantity trump quality, though, so make sure that your work is up to par and your portfolio and resume tailored to the position for which you’re applying. If you’re looking to work in magazine design, the job title may not be exactly what you expect. Make sure you click on all the listings related to graphic design for full details so you don’t miss out on an opportunity.


This site is a great option if you’re looking to work in the not-for-profit sector. Idealist caters to non-profits only and lists many different types of positions. If you’re looking to do print design for an institution with an emphasis on social justice or causes, then this is the site for you. You may not assume that there are many design jobs in this area, but that’s not true. Most museums, not-for-profit foundations, and other institutions have some sort of magazine or professionally designed publication. The department or staff for these jobs are also small, so even as a graphic designer, you’ll potentially have a lot of leeway to implement creative ideas.


As of December 2014, SimplyHired lists over 1,800 opportunities for magazine layout design jobs on their website. Whether you want to stick to basic graphic design or try your hand as an art director, SimplyHired is a jack of all trades site that many employers use to attract candidates. The best part of this type of site is that you may also run across job listings that aren’t with major publishing or marketing companies, but rather listed by smaller companies or organizations that specialize in something other than design. Given that employment for graphic designers is projected to grow by only 7 percent in the next decade, which is lower than other industries according to the United States Department of Labor, you need to be smarter and more aggressive in your job search. Avoid limiting your search solely to design-specific employment sites.

Freelancers Union

Almost every graphic designer has been through the freelancing portion of their career. Whether it was when you were just starting out, or after you left a previous position, it’s a familiar story. However, some graphic designers prefer the freelance lifestyle, and this is where Freelancers Union comes in. Finding freelance jobs isn’t impossible, but having a disorganized approach can be tricky. This website makes it easy not only to find freelance positions, but also offers many other amenities such as official membership, independent healthcare options, and professional education. Freelancers Union isn’t limited to only graphic design jobs, but given that the design industry is full of freelancers, you’ll find many positions listed here.

Online Design Marketplaces

It might seem old-fashioned, but the bottom line is that many companies still list their open employment opportunities directly on their websites. Therefore, if there’s a particular magazine that you’re interested in working for, your very first step should be to visit their website. Many times, graphic designers may not have a specific publication in mind and just be looking for a decent position. However, if you do have something specific in mind, then go directly to the source. Even if the magazine’s website doesn’t list any job openings, always be ambitious. If you’re interested in trying to Design Magazine Cover At Designhill, for example, then find the appropriate person to e-mail at the company, such as the Human Resources department, and inquire about openings.

Whether you’re looking to work for a specific company like DesignHill or something that simply matches your qualifications, searching for jobs online on top sites or specific companies is essential for winning a premium magazine design job.