5 sustainable business ideas for young entrepreneurs

Today, most consumers prefer a business with a clear sustainable vision. The situation has forced entrepreneurs to venture into a business that provides solutions to the global sustainable problems. However, it is a challenge for young entrepreneurs interested in being part of the trending market. To attain the goal, they should invest in sustainable business ideas, as discussed below.

1.     Freelancing Business

Currently, freelancing entrepreneurship is practiced globally. It has led to more companies’ development and enhances business growth simultaneously. However, to achieve sustainability as a freelancer is not a walk in the park. The internet operates using a server found on a large data center that requires more electrical power. The process emits more gas that pollutes the environment.

To tackle the challenges, you can use environmentally friendly and sustainable web hosts. Also, taking care of yourself as a freelancer should be a priority. It not only helps in improving your health but also changes your lifestyle for the better. After establishing your freelancing business, take insurance for freelancers to avoid the numerous risks. Common insurance covers for freelancers include indemnity, health, liability, and home, among others.

2.     Recycling Technology Business

Although most people consider the profit amount when starting a business, it is vital to contemplate business sustainability and environmentally friendly. Recycling items have proven to be an incredible business idea that entrepreneurs can start at ease. It allows you to make something new or recycle part of used or old items leading to less waste. For instance, you can start a recycling bin business and sell them to homes or offices.

3.     Environmental Friendly Packaging

The packaging is standard for businesses that involve more of sending items to clients. Most people prefer plastic packaging because it is a cheaper and most common way of packaging worldwide. However, it creates a lot of pollution to the environment, especially water bodies such as lakes. Introducing biodegradable and recycled packaging products such as cardboard use is vital. The business is sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. For instance, the Shinjuku store in Japan introduced the digital packaging of their products.

4.     Sustainable Fashion and Design Company

Fashion will never be outdated as long as you manufacture what is trending. For instance, jeans have been in the market for decades. The company only introduces a variety of designs that makes them unique. Starting a sustainable jeans company has more positive impacts. It is durable and helps with waste reduction. For instance, Startup Unspun, an American based company, uses traditional and robotic sewing machines to manufacture sustainable clothing.

5.     Running a Solar Panel Firm

People are spending a lot on electricity. The more you use electricity, the higher the bills. Setting up a solar panel company is a lucrative business idea because it is environmental and cost-friendly. People would prefer spending an extra fee in purchasing the panel instead of incurring the regular electric bills.


As a young entrepreneur, you can commence a sustainable entrepreneurship journey at ease. At this stage, your mind is fresh, and business ideas are flowing. If you follow the right procedure as indicated above, you will run a sustainable business and enjoy the benefits.

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