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When you’re planning your marketing strategy and the type of content that can attract viewers and increase your online visibility, it’s important to know all the options available out there. Using the right content at the right time can maximize your potential, drive better results and gain followers and sales.

No matter the industry you’re in, here are six important types of content you should be using as a business.

  1. Blog Posts

Most businesses, at the very least, will have a blog section on their website, and this is a form of content that many people will be familiar with. The same goes for more in-depth and informative articles, too. High-quality written content in the form of a blog will help to drive that all-important organic traffic to your site. It’s also an opportunity to provide useful information regarding your business and its products.

Blogs are essential for SEO, as they provide lots of written opportunities for keyword inclusion.

  1. Newsletters

When you’re running a business that constantly has new updates, new products to unveil, and other exciting news, you need a way to share that with your target consumers. While you can make social media posts alongside this, newsletters are great for a dedicated purpose and for sending to an established mailing list of existing or new customers.

  1. Podcasts

The popularity of podcasts is consistently rising, with more and more people opting to listen and download audio episodes relating to certain subjects, businesses, and industries. You may be able to drive more interest and sales in your business if you can unveil a business podcast that is engaging and which can gain a following.

  1. Video Content

Watching videos on social media and online is a common pastime for many people on a daily basis. Failing to provide video content as a business is therefore failing to provide a popular piece of content that can reach millions.

In a world that has quickly become more visual and media-focused, video is a must-have if you want engaging content viewed by many.

Video is effective because it is much more likely that you will hold a viewer’s attention for a 30-second video of information, compared to a bulk of text which they have to read. Including features such as closed captions by Verbit for your videos, too, means that you can provide greater aid and support with your videos.

  1. Case Studies

As a business — and especially a young one — it’s always important to showcase and prove your success. Case studies are one way to build that trust and show your target market your success stories. Even just one impressive case study can be enough to build more trust and prove what you’ve worked to achieve.

  1. Infographics

With the popularity of visuals in mind, infographics allow you to provide key information and statistics in an easy and attractive way. This can be really helpful if you have a lot of technical information to share but don’t want to do so with a bulk of text.