webdesigning-mockupDesigning and building a website can be a lot of grueling work, especially if your primary goal is to create a website that takes advantage of Internet marketing in general. With such a heavy burden on one’s shoulders, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if one might end up procrastinating instead of getting any work done. Fortunately, working on an effective website is not rocket science – all it takes is a bit of understanding and the effort to see it through. Here’s a quick way to stop these procrastinating habits and start working on that website!

Remember that website design is often based on a few key messages that you want to convey.

The first step is to put everything into perspective before the designing process can even start. Thankfully, this is not a difficult process – simply put exactly what message you want to convey in a few simple sentences. You’ll be surprised at how easily the design starts to take shape. This is due to the fact that these simple messages often hold within it the idea of what the website of your dreams will eventually hold. From the navigation all the way to the page layout, let the perspective you achieve from those key sentences guide you to building a truly effective website.

Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and imagine yourself visiting your own website for the first time.

If you are having trouble putting things into perspective, then simply imagine yourself as a visitor on your own website. What do you see? What are you expecting from this website? Being able to answer these questions means that you have practically everything you need to get to work. However, things are often much easier said than done, which is why the last step is important.

Close ALL the tabs that you have up that aren’t relevant to your web development work.

Personally, this tip has done me WONDERS! One of the things that prevented me from being productive in my web development projects is the fact that I had to take care of other marketing channels. Email marketing and my other freelancing tasks was what consumed most of my time.

It was during those times that I realized how I need to learn how to focus if I am to finish the website that I’m developing.

My game plan then became (1) Schedule my working hours properly (2) Setup my autoresponders (which pretty much allowed me to run my email marketing campaign in auto pilot) (3) Outsource some of my other freelancing tasks (4) Close all the other browsers/tabs that isn’t relevant to my web development project and (5) Work on the web development project like a maniac!

The result? I was able to complete my projects twice as fast, made fewer mistakes because I was laser focused on what I’m doing, and not to mention doubled/tripled my income.

Your turn!

If you have tips on how to help other web developers get their procrastinating hats off and start bashing the keyboard to complete their web development tasks, do let us know. We’d love to hear from you.