agora publishing

Agora Publishing, a Canadian Company, has come out with its own Content Management System that is a customized alternative to the WordPress system. This alternative option offers both flexibility as well as functionality to develop online solutions for various businesses and then manage them. This system, with its distinct and flexible design, can offer a sustainable solution on a long term basis.

This new content management system can store content and provides a user-friendly application programming interface which the site developers can later expand or extend to create a web design that is responsive. Big media companies may find this new CMS useful to them. It may serve them as a content delivery medium which can handle all types of context ranging from text to videos and from images to graphics.

The publishing and newspaper companies may benefit greatly with the Content Management System provided by Agora Publishing as it offers them multi channel or cross publishing options. It has flexible layers of presentation. There is plenty of scope for extensive documentation. There is a content repository that allows frameworks to manage forums. Posts and article comments from external users can also be managed.

You can see a “demo” of this alternative CMS on Agora Cosmopolitan.

Agora’s Content Management System can adapt itself to handle scalability so that it can manage hundreds of diverse websites with the same platform. It has been designed for high volume content management with a focus on high traffic and performance stability. Editorial workflow can keep the content updated constantly. At any given time, text or images could be added on. More can be learn about this Canadian Company and its distinct Content Management System by visiting Agora Publishing or contacting