Bootstrap 4 is the most recent version of Bootstrap. It has drastically become one of the biggest framework that is web-based for users to engage with. It is ideal to look for an admin dashboard template in order to work on your own dashboard with plentiful customizable options. These templates are help to serve as a solid groundwork for all upcoming administrative projects. They save you a lot of time as well. In addition to all these perks, the biggest feature of Bootstrap 4 templates is that they are made to be mobile-phone friendly and very responsive as well.

In this article ahead, we are looking at some of the most unique, modern and high-end design templates. The best 5 templates for the best admin dashboard have been listed below. The purpose of these template is to make choice easier for you by providing a one-stop complete admin solution to anyone who needs it.

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1. Style Me Admin Bootstrap 4 Dashboard

style me admin bootstrap 4 dashboard
This bootstrap admin dashboard template is a very trustable and reliable template mockup for users. There are several high-end features for this template that make it a worthy choice for users. To begin with, the template is based on a bootstrap 4 that provides it added stability and structural strength. It also includes an amazing 8 built-in templates. This gives a variety of layout options for the users to pick from as well including modern, subtle, minimal, central and classic.

2. Universe Admin Classic Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Powerful Templates

universe admin classic bootstrap 4 admin dashboard powerful templates
At a very affordable cost next in line is the universe admin classic bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template. All features have been tested prior to its release to the public and this template comes with up to 6-month money-back warranty as well. There are several features in this package to excite the users including color varieties, customization options and embedded 500+ UI elements as well.

3. Uniquely WOW Admin Bootstrap 4 Mockup Template for Modern Users

uniquely wow admin bootstrap 4 mockup template for modern users
If you are looking for a mockup template for your admin dashboard that is jam packed with professional features but is very easy on the pocket – this is the right choice to make. This template is designed to bring out the WOW factor in your personalized design. It provides complete solution to users as well with compatibility with various browsers including Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. It is backed with the bootstrap 4 and is very responsive.

4. Modern Day Codebase Admin Dashboard Template

modern day codebase admin dashboard template
Bootstrap 4 makes this unique yet classic amalgamation of admin dashboard template a popular choice for users. This template is compatible with several high-end browsers as well, much to the delight of users. With over 800 fonts, multiple IU components, several high-end design pages, flexible animation and graphic choices as well as auto-updates; there is hardly any better choice to make than this.

5. Powerful and Authentic Flat Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

powerful and authentic flat able bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template
At an affordable cost last but not the least on this list is the powerful and pre-dominant flat able bootstrap 4 template. This template is a Quadra mega version with up to one doze layout support. Its high performance and efficient outcomes make it the number one choice for users who are really looking for a template that is technologically backed with ample support. The design is very seamless and well-structured. The layout is very quick and responsive. There are hundreds of in-built ready to use pages to explore for the users as well.

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