best ways to design a website
Have you ever wanted to design a website but not known where to start? It’s one thing to know how to make a site. It’s quite another thing to know how to design one. The ones you’ve been using for years didn’t get to be celebrated by accident; it’s because of continuous effort from dedicated people. These are the best methods for designing a website.

1. Make it fast

The speed of a website is not just determined by the strength of the visitor’s internet connection. If there are too many features on your site or you’re using a substandard host, the speed is going to be compromised. To combat this, you want your website design to be optimized to be as fast as possible.

2. Put relevant information at the top

The web can contribute to short attention spans. People are busy, and if they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re going to exit out of your page. You can improve your website by placing the most vital of information at the top, such as in a banner headline.

top fold information

3. Don’t have too much

Have you ever come across a website that’s so jampacked with content, just looking at one page is enough to strain your eyes? Less really is more. Before you add something new to your website, ask if it’s necessary.

4. Make it straightforward

The functionality of your website doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. You want to avoid a dated design, but it should be clean and tasteful. Look into what colors match each other the best to help your website be more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Limit bells and whistles

Having an inordinate number of add-ons that force users to hunt desperately for the content they need can be a significant liability for a website. For a smoother experience, don’t have things like chat boxes or videos pop up as soon as someone enters.

6. Consolidate information

If your website’s visitors must click through page after page to get to the information they want, they’re going to become frustrated. Not everything can fit on one page, but you can arrange more of it together. Find similar information that can go along and organize it concisely.

limit bells whistles

7. Know how to emphasize things

If something is necessary on your website, you want to make sure it doesn’t slip by your users. You want to have a simple design so that when something needs emphasis, it can stand out. Having a photo of someone looking in the direction of what you want to emphasize can help.

8. Bring people in

The people visiting your website will love reminders that a person is making your site. Having photos of people is a great way to make your website feel more human. These should not be generic photos, but ones of people you know and are willing to be photographed for your site.

9. Know how to emphasize information

Should you be presenting information on your website in the form of a list, you need to know how to order it. The most vital information should go at the top and bottom of your list.

know how to emphasize things

10. Emphasize your popularity

Website design is no time for false modesty. If you have testimonials, social media popularity, or anything else that shows you know your stuff, then highlight it. You will help to retain visitors longer this way.