Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. In the last two years, it has doubled in size to more than a billion active users. As such, it’s a highly prolific tool for marketing your website and spreading brand awareness.

Instagram is a useful marketing tool for most businesses, but it’s particularly useful for businesses where personality and connection mean everything. For example, bloggers, restaurant owners, and even dentists need to form strong relationships with individual consumers, and Instagram is an excellent tool for creating that connection.

You can improve your online presence even more and to gain followers on Instagram with an integrated WordPress Instagram theme. This enables you to seamlessly assimilate your Instagram feed into your website. It will display an Instagram feed right on your website so that users can connect both on the social platform and when visiting your page. It’s perfect for seamless branding and deepening consumer connections.

Now that you know the importance of connecting your website with Instagram, here are a few of the best WordPress Instagram themes you can use.

1. Brixton Blog

brixton instagram wp theme
Responsiveness and flexibility are key on any WordPress theme, and Brixton Blog offers that as well as seamless Instagram integration. The website is optimized for large, beautiful imagery to help you tell your story and develop your brand.

The theme gracefully blends new, innovative design with timeless, familiar structure, so your theme will stand out without confusing your users. It follows the minimalist design style with clean lines and basic, but bold fonts. You can follow the out-of-the-box format or customize it according to your specific branding needs.

Aside from its gorgeous design, the Brixton theme is equipped with an Instagram widget so that your Instagram feed will appear directly on your website. It will change periodically as you update your Instagram page. It also seamlessly works with other social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but your Instagram will be the star of the show.

2. Amory Blog

amory instagram wp theme
Like Brixton Blog, Amory Blog follows the clean, minimalist style that’s very popular today. However, its overall design is blockier, which many users like for displaying as much content as possible without overcrowding the page.

The Amory Blog has a very attractive footer that’s designed to show off your Instagram feed with alternating photos. You can also put these in your sidebar if you’d like to add extra emphasis to your Instagram feed or you feel that it gets more attention in that location.

Amory Blog also comes with a WooCommerce plugin so that you can operate an online shop as well as a blog. It’s perfect for those who offer professional services or online products and want to continually cement their brand in the minds of consumers.

3. Conall

conall instagram wp theme
If you thought that the lines and style of Amory Blog and Brixton Blog were clean and minimal, it’s nothing compared to Conall. This WordPress theme follows standards of minimalist design to the max with elegant fonts and gorgeous photography integration.

Because of the ultra-sleek design, your Instagram feed stands out extremely well. It also includes additional header options, spaces for testimonials, and other social media integration so that you can easily market and cross-promote your business.

It’s very user-friendly so that new business owners can navigate its setup, but it will leave a polished look. You can also choose from twelve homepage styles to cater the design more specifically to your business type.

4. Applique

applique instagram wp theme
Applique is the perfect Instagram-ready theme for those who want to step a little outside the box of pristine white templates. Although it’s still very minimalist in nature, the theme specializes in darker colors surrounding filtered images in order to create a stronger, Instagram-like feel to the home page. You can choose a white background theme if you wish, however.

The Instagram feed on this theme is a full-width footer, and additional images can easily be transferred from your Instagram feed to your website. It’s a highly adaptable template that can be modified exactly how you like it, including adding a gorgeous blog and online store through WooCommerce.

Applique also offers cutting-edge technology in SEO and clean coding, so it’s easy to optimize your page and code it with customized preferences. It’s also a high performer with fast load times and elegant design that speaks directly to your customer base. It’s the perfect way to marry your strong Instagram profile with your website to create loyal fans on both pages.

5. Hipster

hipster instagram wp theme
Let’s step on the wild side with this Instagram theme that looks nothing like the four options we’ve discussed thus far. Hipster is ideal for those who prefer a retro or exotic look to their website without sacrificing on features.

Of course, the Instagram footer is a no-brainer, and it really helps the clean lines and edgy design of this template stand out. The theme also includes both a Revolution Slider and WOW Slider in the cost of the initial design, which will save you a lot in the long run. It gives your website an incredibly fresh look on a budget.

There’re also four different styles that you can try, adjusting all the features so that it better matches your vision for your website. The WooCommerce and social media platform integration is also popular among fans so that you can easily conduct business and get the word out about your company.

6. Kloe

kloe instagram wp theme
Designed for companies that specialize in fashion, photography, blogging, or other artistic mediums, Kloe is a multipurpose website theme that was made for strong Instagram profiles. You can easily customize the theme to make it your own, thanks to the nine different homepage options.

The simplistic nature of the site is somewhat edgy with a strong black and white contrasting background and gorgeous photo collages just waiting for your stunning, edited images with no coding required. It’s all drag and drop, so you can have a breathtaking Instagram-friendly website in no time!