2022 game of the year

Picture this: you’re stuck home all weekend with nothing to do. Maybe the forecast shows constant showers, or perhaps you’re recovering from recent surgery for your back or bunions and need to take it easy for a bit. Can bunions cause leg pain? If so, all the more reason to relax on the couch and browse your collection of video games to pass the time. But not just video games; you need to be playing all the potential Game of the Year contenders to experience the best in gaming.

Here are some of the current Game of the Year heavy-hitters that we expect to see at this year’s awards.

Elden Ring

Every gamer and their mother played Elden Ring when it first dropped back in February, and a good chunk of them are still making their way through it today. The game is very reminiscent of the other games developed by FromSoftware, especially Dark Souls, with the unique distinction being that this game is a giant open-world format. This shakes things up from the studio’s norm; some like it more, some like it less.

Take the open-world concept, the high level of difficulty, and the variety of bosses and weapons to uncover, and you’ve got a serious Game of the Year contender.

Horizon: Forbidden West

While many fans weren’t as impressed with the sequel as the original game, Horizon: Forbidden West still makes for a pretty solid game—well enough to be considered for Game of the Year. The first game also managed to set the bar extremely high, so we can give it a break as long as the sequel is still a solid game, which it is. You can explore the open world, admire the incredible visuals, and use your skills to take on nature and machines.

God of War: Ragnarok

Okay, this one might be cheating because the game doesn’t technically release until this November, but it wouldn’t be right to leave Kratos off this list. As the 2018 Game of the Year Award winner, God of War met fan expectations and then some. Even with the game yet to hit shelves, we’re confident that the upcoming sequel will make for a solid contender during this year’s lineup—now we just need to get our hands on a PS5.

And the Winner Is…

If you’ve yet to play any amazing Game of the Year contenders, do yourself a favor and give them a shot this weekend while you’re stuck inside. We won’t know who the winner will be, but one thing’s for sure: we’re getting a lot of great games to play.