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Every business needs a great business website to serve as their digital home base, and not just any design will do.  If you’re looking to usher in the age of growth for your business, you’ll need to know what makes for a solid digital design to get there.  

Starting with the most significant piece of digital content first will help keep your approach rooted in a solid design.  Take a moment to read through some of the most important elements found in a well-designed business website, and consider how your current design measures up.  

Simple navigation design

Navigating the various elements of your business website is something web users shouldn’t have to think twice about doing.  Moving around your business website should be easy and self-explanatory for passing web users.  

Check out the standard navigation bar on this site for online home and car loans.  It’s easy to figure out where to go next because the choices are clearly defined along the top of the page.  

Proper keyword usage is key

The words you use within the design of your website are a big part of what Google uses to index your pages.  If you want to more adequately target who sees your page in their search results, then you’ll want to use words that are telling of your purpose.  

Google has a solid keyword finder tool that will help you decide on what’s most influential in your niche, but you can also use your own senses to choose relevant terms.  

Integrate social media sharing

The hype of social media can be spread to the design of your business website.  Integrate social media sharing buttons into your design, so interested users can share your pages with friends/family.  

Familiar social media sharing icons are a passive way of marketing your operation.  You don’t have to do anything or pay anything to present an opportunity for web users to share.  

Communication is crucial 

Communication is another primary focus of a great business website design.  You want to maintain a consistent connection with web users, and adding a “Contact Us” page to your site design is a great first step towards that goal.  

Add another level to your communication efforts on your website, and include contact methods throughout the design.  Your homepage should have a phone number or email connection users can use to ask questions or make comments regarding your business.  

Mobile-friendly design 

One bottom line your design should mirror is that mobile access to the web is all the rage.  Mobile users spend more time online than laptop or computer users, so the specs of your design layout need to be shifted a bit.  Delve into exactly what you need to do to create a mobile-friendly design, and don’t miss out on the smartphone/tablet crowd.