everything about vpns for travel
Cyber-crime is at its peak and computer security is hot in the news these days. Whether it is about stealing credit card numbers, governmental spying or the widespread privacy breaches, crime on the Internet is at its peak.

That doesn’t mean stop using the Internet, especially when you are traveling. Traveling enthusiasts are often at a risk of security problems. Rather than using protected networks, travelers are often using public Wi-Fi at airports and hotels.

Anybody on the same network can get access to your unencrypted data. VPN is an ideal solution in this case to get protection from potential harms. It even gives you access to Internet filtering. You will come across blocked sites in different countries. Simply connect to your VPN to a country that doesn’t block the site.

How do VPNs work?

Originally, VPNs were used for business usage. In this day and age, it is used by millions of people since security is an issue for every other person out there.

VPNs are generally designed to protect all of the Internet traffic despite of its type. This includes streaming videos and music, voice calls and email as well. In a nutshell, VPNs conceal your distinctive IP making it safe from potential harms.

How to choose a service?

There are a number of VPN service providers out there. It is not easy to figure out these best one. Here is a list of features you must look for before getting one specific service:

  • The VPN must work in as many countries as possible which would help a frequent traveler.
  • There must be no restrictions or additional fees for simultaneous connections.
  • VPN must come with an auto-connect feature.
  • It must not only be easier to use but also easier to install.

How to use your VPN?

Once you have gone through the free VPN server list and selected the best option, you must familiarize with its usage. Here are few important things you must keep in mind while using the VPN.

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If you are on travel, then do not forget to use it whenever using a public or semi-public network. Realize that there will be times when connection would be too slow to use a VPN. Your VPN may not even connect if the connection is too slow to start with. In such cases, don’t go over online things that require high levels of security.

Furthermore, if there is an unreliable connection, then make sure the VPN remains active. If the Internet stops working, the VPN will disconnect automatically. Always keep an eye on it and reconnect if you figure out any disconnection.

Also it is important to acknowledge that not all VPNs provide anonymity. Some are just meant to enhance security by protecting you from hackers and potential intruders.


VPNs are surely great way to protect yourself online while you are traveling. Above were some important things that are essential to know about before using or purchasing any VPN.