how designers can benefit business
Is your personality type accepted in the business world?

Maybe you’re the typical A-type personality. In that case you fit into the mold most businesses have. Alternatively you can be a creative soul. As a designer how do you experience business setups?

Both these groups must realize the importance of the latter.

More companies – huge ones – are realizing the role of creative individuals in the business hierarchy.

At one stage a creative approach was seen as superfluous. People doubted the value aesthetics, design and art added to companies’ futures.

Luckily this perception changed. I mean luckily for everyone involved. Large businesses missed out on making impact by ignoring this tool. Yes it’s a valuable resource. Your business should harness its power too. Your business can benefit by employing creative employees such as designers.

Making a monetary commitment calls for some proof. I put together a short list to show you what your company is missing out on.

Here’s what you’ll gain by taking a chance on designers.

1. Aesthetics

I think business is viewed from a logical point of view most of the time.

Yes change took place over the last few decades. Business, sales and management are approached with some psychological insight now.

Business leaders realized the value of aesthetics in a range of scenarios. These include:

  • Packaging: This has become a science. We know that how a package looks carries as much value for the eventual sale as the items inside. Customers are spoiled for choice. The competition in the market means no company can slack in this department. A customer can simply shy away from product if they don’t find the packaging pleasing. Designing packaging now carries a lot of responsibility. It’s better to leave this to trained designers.
  • Website: Your website makes up an important part of your business activity. Does your site’s current aesthetics promote engagement? Designers know how to use different features to improve your website’s impact. It requires skill to do this correct. Don’t try it yourself. You’ll waste precious time. Can you use these elements optimally?
    • Colors
    • Themes
    • Images
    • Layout

2. Practicality

The products – or services – your business offers usually fulfil needs people have. It’s all about offering solutions.

Having a solution is awesome. But solutions can be improved upon.

Apart from creativity many designers have a practical approach to products. They instinctively know how a product can become more comfortable and functional to users. This is called ergonomics.

Your product’s original may be good. What designers add can make it great.

3. Marketing

designers marketing
You can’t approach marketing without employing designers. Not in 2017.

Your business won’t be able to compete with the excellent marketing campaigns out there. With a designer on your side you have more chance of making an impact.

In 2017 society is bombarded with visual, audio and textual information. You must find a way to stand out among all these messages.

Visual messages are grasped easier. It’s wise to use them more during marketing. But you still have to beat your competition.

Rather leave that to designers.

Why do I say this?
Marketing is not only about communicating information. Here’s how designers improve upon your messages:

  • Messages become visually pleasing. Visual messages are more powerful than text. Your messages can reach customers’ memories faster if the correct designs are used.
  • The correct colors are used. Colors attract certain groups of people and send subliminal messages.
  • Marketing material grabs attention. When last did you read a normal flyer? Do you even want to spend money on one for your business? I doubt you’ll get any feedback from it. Designers make sure each marketing item garners optimum engagement and ROI.
  • Social media marketing is becoming more competitive by the day. Only the best items will result in feedback. Designers take users’ characteristics into consideration. They create advertisements that actually garner responses. Characteristics include:
    • Age
    • Interests
    • Gender

4. Customer Loyalty

Leave certain activities to the professionals.

Designers can influence your customers through visual mediums. This can be more powerful than all the words you include in emails or advertisements.

This impact starts with your logo. A designer can incorporate all your company stands for in one image. If done right very few words are necessary.

Wise placing of your logo builds customer loyalty. Customers get used to your logo. Your designers will make sure it’s used wherever positive connotations can be built. Later on they look for your logo when they’re in need of your services.

This is what you want: People searching for you instead of general help or your competitors.

Your designers’ visual aids help you achieve this.

5. Uniqueness

designers uniqueness touch
The most successful companies are ones that stand out from the crowd.

You don’t want your excellent products to be credited to a competitor. Similarly you don’t want scandals of competitors to blemish your reputation.

Much of this has to do with what people SEE about you.

You always want your consumers to see you in a positive light. Designers create unique visual advertisements, logos and branding products. You can use this to instil certain pictures in people’s minds.

6. Improved Sales

Many aspects mentioned here will result in improved sales. Excellent branding and marketing will make your business successful.

Do you see that hiring designers don’t only require expenses? The value they add brings you as employer more profit.

How can you still see this position in a negative light?

7. Beneficial Premises

Designers can improve the impact your premises makes.

How do people feel when they visit your office or warehouse? Colors, lines and décor all play a role in this outcome.

More importantly what do you WANT them to feel? A designer can craft a building’s look to fit your expectations:

  • If you’re running a large business you want to impress. Designers can leave people in awe the moment they enter the foyer.
  • When you people to feel safe you want your offices warm and inviting.

Almost any atmosphere can be created by knowledgeable designers.

[notice type=”info”]Where does your business need help? If you’ve exhausted all other means you may simply be in need of a designer. What they add to business affects customers, employees and employers. And I’m talking about positive influences. Don’t struggle on your own. Get help from someone who knows how to build on the foundation you created.[/notice]