5 factors to consider when choosing pbx provider

A hosted Private Branch Exchange telephone is an arrangement where third-party cloud PBX providers such as Zorra manage a company’s calls both incoming and outgoing. One of the advantages of using the service is its low-cost price and minimal network infrastructure problems.

However, before deciding on virtual PBX providers and entrusting your business to the PBX vendors, there are several things to consider in order to choose the best one. Here are a number of important factors to consider before deciding on hosted PBX providers.


Every company certainly has different needs, targets, and budgets. Check if the supplier will also be responsible for purchasing equipment, software, & hardware to be used for the telephone. The reason is, PBX pricing tends to be lower under these conditions. Many organizations are able to save up to 70% after using a private branch exchange.

Internet Management

Private Branch Exchange requires the internet to work. However, there is a risk that the plan uses a public internet network. Such a connection cannot guarantee the network quality for clients or staff. In addition, there is a risk of a bad connection, security, and outage problems as well. Thus, choose the account that manages their own internet network and is able to guarantee data quality and security.

Long-Distance Communication

If you have clients or partners in remote locations or different countries, you will need to make long-distance calls. Long-distance communication could make expenses increase. With a hosted arrangement, you’re able to save up to 90%. Choose the plan that offers fast PBX to incoming & outgoing calls without any hassles.

Phone Lines

The number of phone lines is especially important to seasonal business owners. One of the most significant benefits of using this is the ease of increasing or decreasing the number of lines.

Make sure the selected supplier has sufficient flexibility to increase or decrease capacity whenever needed without any additional fares. Usually, providers set the minimum number of lines required. Pay attention to these provisions in order to determine the ideal service for your enterprise.


List the essential components required before deciding on a plan. Think about what are the important functions essential by the firm both now and in the future, such as custom features like Call Center. This list will make it easier to define and select services as well as reduce the risk of the additional charges incurred in order to add certain benefits.

Looking for a Private Branch Exchange provider that can accommodate the communication required to operate your business? We’re here to help manage communications with ease, regardless of the size of your business.