how to create social media images for seo
Have you ever been scrolling down your timeline and noticed a social media image and it made you pause a little longer to read it? Perhaps it caught your eye and you knew you needed to learn more. This is how social media graphics should be created. Although social media can increase your SEO, increase your brand, and bring more business to you, it’s important that you have a strategy set in place in order for this to happen. One of the best ways is to create great images for your social media pages. How can you do that though? That is why we are here! Keep reading as the experts at Mississauga SEO teach you how you can make eye-catching images for your social media.


Size does matter when it comes to social media and that is why it’s so important to size your images correctly. For example, when you are posting on Instagram the size of the post is a square. When you are posting on LinkedIn, the size of the post is a rectangle. The sizes are laid out very specifically with a quick Google search. Make sure if you are scheduling your posts in advance that you talk about correct the size of the posts for different social media channels. The last thing you want is to look unprofessional and for people not to be able to read your content just because you sized your image incorrectly. If you are unsure of the correct size, you can always ask OSTELLAR. If you have a paid version of a photo making the application like Canva, it will automatically resize your images quickly and effortlessly so you can have the same look across social media platforms without having the sizing off.

Branding colors

The next part to think about is your brand. You may be wondering how this makes people stop and look at your images. When you brand yourself properly and consistently people start looking at your images and being able to connect who you are with your brand even before they read it. That is why it’s so important to keep your brand in mind with each and every picture. Even when you use a free image, make sure you are using the text color and the text style that is your brand. If you add great tips to your posts and create images with your brand, eventually people will stop scrolling because they automatically see your brand and know you are sharing something valuable. If you have not thought about your specific branded colors it may be time to get professional help. Ask OSTELLAR to create a branding chart for you.

color branding for business

Add your logo

Just as we talked about with branding, it’s important to add your logo with your brand. This will help your pictures to look unique and add the branding tough that it needs.

Add value

One of the best things you can do is to add value. This means you want to share tips and relevant content with your readers. People want to follow you, check back in with your page, and ultimately purchase your products or services when you are sharing good value. This will not only be more entertaining for readers, but it is your way of proving yourself in the industry. The trick is to give away a lot of great content without giving away too much and sharing all of your secrets. You do want to share a lot though and don’t be too scared you are sharing too much. Just give tips for new users or long-term users and soon you will build your trust with readers so they come to use with friends that people can then end up purchasing your products and services because they trust you.

Don’t sell too much

Just like you want to add value, you don’t want to sell too much. That means each post or even every other post should not be a sell. If you are selling, it should be every few posts and instead of making it a strong call to action make it more of a soft sell. One of the ways you can do that is to bring value to the reader followed by relating that to a product or service you are selling. That way they don’t feel as though you are trying to just sell them things and you are really giving a reason of why they should be buying that product or service.

Keep it short

Our last tip is that you should keep the words short of the graphic. People will keep scrolling if they read something and it will end up being a long read. Save the words for your copy underneath the image. The image should be a quote, a fact, or something that is just right to the point. You can then explain it and go into more detail in the copy of the post and elaborate there.

content for users
As you can see, there are a lot of ways to help your social media channels create eye-catching images. Make sure you keep your brand in mind with each image. You can create amazing social media images that catch your target audience’s attention and cause them to look further. This will result in them liking your page and can end up converting them into customers down the road (or right then!) For more tips on creating social media images or to speak with one of our professionals, contact OSTELLAR today.