how to market your blockchain company
With the recent explosion in crypto, the amount of startups trying to follow suit is expanding rapidly. And if you find yourself as someone that’s trying to follow suit, then there are a few things that you should know about marketing your project. No matter if you’re trying to raise your token sale or push your product, this is something you want to stay ahead of the curve on. Here’s how:

Create A Budget

If you’re going to be marketing your crypto company, one of the first things you need to do is establish a budget to work with. Not only will this help you financially refocus, but you’ll additionally feel much more at ease about the return you might receive on your marketing efforts going in. However, establishing this for a crypto project can be difficult (especially if you’re limited on funding), which is why you need to plan out your budget.

Make a list of the marketing channels that you’re trying to promote, as well as what type of investment this means for you. According to LegalZoom, the average annual marketing budget for a startup is around 9 to 12 percent of their revenue, which while having that specifically mapped out for you might be hard, should give you an understanding of what you can afford. Additionally, as a blockchain company, one of the best things about digital marketing is that it’s widely cheap, with little investment upfront. And for your firm, the goal is to go after what’s going to give you the best ROI long-term.

Attack On Social

social promotion
One of the best places for you to market your blockchain company has to be social media. As noted by Hootsuite, with 36 percent of millennials currently on Twitter, the platform alone is one of the strongest out to connect with those in the blockchain industry. Both as a great b2b and b2c tool, Twitter is definitely something for you to get consistent with when it comes to your social efforts. Furthermore, looking into how to conduct followers hack on Instagram can help you gain more notoriety on a b2c level, possibly drawing in an even wider audience. However, to be great at social, the biggest components are consistency and engagement.

Start making it a habit to get on social more often, periodically checking it throughout the day. Additionally, load up more posts at the beginning of your day, varying between different messages you’re trying to test with your audience. Another good practice to get in the habit of is commenting on your followers’ posts, as well as engaging in conversation on your own. All-in-all, social is something that you should embrace, as this is an excellent opportunity to further connect with your audience.

Hone In On Key Partners Early

As crypto is a relatively new field, it goes without saying that to show a sense of authority, you need to showcase your early partners. Not only will this help give your audience a sense of familiarity, but authenticity as well, which is a huge selling point for your base. In fact, according to CrowdSpring, approximately 91 percent of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from an authentic brand than anything else. And if this is something that you might feel stuck on, then looking at some popular examples might help.

No matter who you’re currently in conversation with, it’s always good to try and lock down early partners as they’re going to be who will advise or serve you towards your goal. For example, Nanovision, a blockchain health company, showcases partners like the Cleveland Clinic and Baylor College of Medicine, which gives them a significant amount of legitimacy in comparison to other blockchain companies. Try and see what partners you might be able to exemplify like this, as it might just be that extra boost you needed to strive even further.

Don’t Forget About Telegram

Finally, as the most popular chat platform for token sales, getting acquainted with your community management strategy for Telegram is a must. As noted by ICO Whitelist, approximately 99 percent of ICOs use Telegram, which has become the standard for the blockchain industry to use in their community outreach. And if this is something you’ve yet to tackle, then now’s the perfect time to get going on it.

blockchain community
Make a list of the most frequently asked questions for your community, as well as questions you can possibly ask the members to get them engaged or look out for outsourcing blockchain development to solve your issue. Additionally, don’t be afraid to let the topic of conversation stray into other parts of crypto (as long as it’s constructive). And finally, use this as a time to garner some feedback on your project, as these will most likely be the people participating in your ICO.

What makes you most excited about marketing your blockchain company? Comment with your answers below!