Have you recently built a new website for your business? Are you keen to gather as many visitors as possible? Read on for tips and tactics that are sure to drive traffic to your website. You can choose to tell your network about your new project, through loud-and-proud social media or word of mouth; you can choose to simply be there when people are asking about you, via search engine optimisation, or you can simply choose to advertise your work to anyone and everyone who might be interested. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to getting it right.

Strutting your stuff on the Internet may seem straightforward enough; but just building an online presence won’t ensure that your phone is ringing off the hook, or that your inbox is bursting at the seams. Promotion is essential to boosting your reputation and driving your audience to visit the site. So how to go about it?

how to promote your site like a pro

Reach Out

One of the most useful ways to gather publicity for a new website is via a method known as outreach marketing; in simple terms, it means connecting with influencers and bloggers working within your industry, asking them to promote what you’re doing on your behalf. Nowadays bloggers, online magazines and brands can have a seriously amplifying effect, increasing your web traffic with just a Tweeted link or mention on their site.

Obtaining good links from other high-ranking sites also improves your search engine optimisation, or SEO; the more times you’re mentioned by or linked from other, relevant sites, the higher your own will rank in search results and the more traffic you’ll gain.

There are a few ways you can find the most influential bloggers in your industry; a straightforward Google search, for example, or by sending approach emails. This can be time-consuming, but iNet Ventures can help. They have pre-established relationships with bloggers in several industries and are confident we can link you with the people you want to connect with. It’s faster, more straightforward and ensures that you’re always maximising your business’ potential.

Get Cited

Local citations can be instrumental in bringing in business for new endeavours; these days, if they’re looking for a specific product or service, people are likely to first turn to the Internet, look online to see what’s available.

Ensuring you’re listed on as many of these sites and directories as possible with information such as your business name and address, contact email, and a link to your website / social media can help drive traffic to your site from those who are looking for the services you offer. Again, business citations also help with search rankings as search engines, clever as they are, can ‘read’ these citations and the more you have, the higher you’re likely to appear in local searches.

local search marketing

To make the process even simpler, iNet Ventures are able to submit these citations on your behalf, removing the potentially laborious task of creating a ‘hit list’ of sites to list your citation on and doing all the leg work for you. Taking this approach also has additional benefits, as it ensures you’ll always be covered when new sites pop up. Easy!

Also, as it’s essential to keep all your citations completely up to date in order to build trust in your business; this can be tricky to keep track of but our in-house dedicated teams can make sure your information is consistently accurate across the board.

Add Content

It’s hugely important, when promoting your site, to carefully consider the content you have on there; the more active you are in updating your site, and adding new content, the more engaged your visitors will be and the more food you’re providing for search engines to use to fire you up those all-important rankings.

engage user with content

That said, it’s not just a case of adding as much content as you can, as often as you can; with so much content out there, it’s essential that you make sure yours is top-quality in order to stand out from the crowd. Anything and everything that you post should be relevant, accessible, and well-written or you may not reap the benefits that regularly-posted, great content can give.

Of course, not everyone feels confident in turning their hand to writing regular blogs; that’s where content writing services come in. With teams of native writers able to turn around quality original content in next to no time, it is a great way to ensure your site has consistently great content without having to spend time creating it yourself.

And that’s it! Just a few simple steps and you too could transform your online presence with these tips.