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Why Social Media Management Should Be Treated Like Design

Social Media Management is becoming an important part of every business. And with smaller businesses employing someone in this capacity, many times this employee will have to create content for social as well. This is why bringing in someone who’s young, creative, and multi-skilled is so important when hiring.

It’ll be this person’s responsibility to understand the voice of the business, their audience, and their brand identity and then create and share content that lines up with these three criteria. Now finding someone who’s capable of nailing brand identity with every post is a hard thing to do, especially when these posts have to go live at least three times a week in order to keep your social activity. This means that you have to discuss with them their deliverables for each week and you also need to have the brand identity clearly outlined to them in their initial training.

Here’s how you can create a structure in which creative content can be produced at a consistently pitch-perfect level and minimize reverts along the way.

  • Start With A Brief

When approaching your social media manager about a new campaign/product release, make sure you know more or less what you want from their content. Is it stills, video or copy? how large/long does it have to be? What’s the tone of the campaign? If you were to hire a designer to create visuals for your website or graphics for marketing, this process would obviously start with a brief. This should be the same for someone who’s routinely creating online content, yet this very integral step is often ignored in the context of social media.

  • Make Sure The Team Is Coordinated

If the team that’s produced the content extends beyond the Social Media Manager (for example you’ve outsourced a photographer or content writer), make sure that this team is in contact with the Social Media Manager so that there are no delays when it comes to getting media from each source.

  • Limit The Number Of Reverts

And keep a level head just like you would when you signup to play. It’s obviously important to routinely deliver good content to followers (depending on your market), but making an employee redesign a story that’ll only be live for 24hrs is time-consuming and costs you a lot of money if the Social Media Manager is a freelancer. A good limit is two sets of meetings or email correspondence each followed by one revert (re-design of post).

  • Give Your Social Media Manager Creative Freedom

If your manager is also producing content and has design skills across photography, content writing, and video editing, they are probably full of valuable input. Give them the space to discuss different ideas and to alter their workflow in innovative ways. This will create an atmosphere that’s mutually beneficial to both the company and the manager and could result in a flourishing online presence.

So, before you hire a Social Media Manager, think about the structures that can be in place to make it a worthwhile endeavor that will make a positive and powerful change in your business, hence you would like to buy Spotify followers to entertain and destress you with getting lots of traffic to your playlist.