how to style your prom look
With prom right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re planning to style your ultimate prom look. Whether you’ve attended prom before or it’s your first time going, there’s always an opportunity to create a totally unique, awesome, and stylish look that’ll make you the center of attention no matter who else is around you.

If you want to put together a stunning, special, and one-of-a-kind look but you’re not sure where to start, no worries. We teamed up with JJ’s House to come up with a few factors you should consider for styling your super-stylish, totally amazing prom look.

Check out what we’ve got to say and see if these tips help you put together the ultimate prom look!

Check out JJ’s House

This is the biggest piece of advice we can give you, ladies, because ultimately, we stand by this advice through and through. Check out JJ’s House for your prom dresses needs, because as you know, the dress is the center of the look. Only after you pick out your central piece can you begin putting together the important facets for the rest of the look. You can’t pick your jewelry, your shoes, your date’s tux, and more unless you have the perfect dress, and JJ’s House (with their unlimited styles, designs, colors, patterns, and sizes) is the absolute best place to find the key component of your look!

Find Accessories that Complement Your Dress

Once you’ve picked out a killer dress that you feel absolutely beautiful and amazing in, you can start putting together the rest of your look. The next step? Accessories. It’s time to take a look at shoes, jewelry, capes, and more! Consider a few things when you’re doing this, like season, the look of the dress, level of comfort, and more! You want to make sure you look totally awesome, but you don’t want to get accessories that totally clash with your dress, so make sure you’re keeping that central part of your look as the focus!

Figure Out How to Match or Complement Your Date (and Vice Versa)

prom couple matching
One of the most important parts of your entire prom look is the way that you and your date plan to match or complement each other. Figure out what each of you wants and work together to build up an ideal prom look. If you’re both about matching, that’s great. If you’d rather compromise and complement each other with a pattern, an accent, or similar accessories, that’s great, too! If you and your date don’t plan on matching, then you get the luxury of building up your prom look solely based on your preferences, and that’s also great!

Make it Comfortable and Be Confident

The final step to putting together the perfect prom look is making sure that you’re both comfortable and confident. Sure, those 4-inch spike heels might look so dreamy with your ensemble, but are you going to enjoy your time on the dance floor in those things? The best way to ensure a totally unique and perfect prom look is to make sure you’re confident in it and above all, comfortable!