improve page ranking using https
Having a security feature on your website gives your users a sense of trust and thereby the scalable factor of dependency for information increases. A shift to HTTPS protocol means that you have paid exclusive attention to securing the connection of the user along with maintaining confidentiality of their information. This gives you an advantage over other websites to turn these web visitors into potential customers. Take this as the first step by talking to the professional SEO Toronto company.

Your prime focus should also be on improving the speed of your site

Who likes to wait in today’s fast paced world? Neither do you nor will your site visitors. It is very important for you to eliminate all the loosely structured web pages, reorganize the content, delete irrelevant videos or images and use appropriate links to keep your site speed up. These are reasons that make your website’s downloading time slow and this can have a negative impact on your site readers and visitors.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Majority of the internet users have a smart phone. Based on a recent survey done in 2017, more than 70% of research came in from smart phone users. So, ideally, if your website is mobile friendly, it increases the potential target audience reach by 70%.

Link your site smartly

Link building is a great way to build new traffic and drive them to your website. There are many more creative ways to do so apart from the traditional link building strategy.

  • Lists like “Top 10”, “Best five” etc are great link building opportunities
  • Opt for niche specific link building
  • Use authority sites to link out your website
  • Always follow the priority rule of using “first link”
  • White hat link building strategies really work. So, develop your strategy accordingly.
  • Place your keyword in the anchor text along with a link. However, do not over optimize it.
  • Social media websites help tremendously in digital marketing. Promote your articles and posts with links to your website on the social media handles like facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. It really works.

Testing your website efficiency

After the entire optimization process has been done, it is important to run tests to see how well the design works in the real world. There are a number of ways to test – Analytics tools help to figure out which keywords offer the highest conversion rate. PPC campaigns play an important role in SEO strategy. Meta titles and descriptions can be tested for higher click through.  Strong testing strategies help companies maintain their rankings and also increase sales.

testing website efficiency
When researching competitors, make sure to check the keywords used by them are accounted for as well as Domain Authority. Is this higher as well as their Page Authority? All this information is available thanks to free tools available through search engines. Check their site architecture and how they build their links to get a good insight into their business model.

Use YouTube videos to drive web traffic

YouTube is touted to be one of the most diversified and bang on target marketing handle. It has proven to top the digital marketing charts for quite some time now. All that you are required to do is choose a very attract title with distinctive and to-the-point description for your video. Upload the video on your YouTube channel and link it to your website. You see, it is very easy to drive traffic with videos. Also, one catch that you should not miss here is that the Google bots cannot travel into the video to find problems with your content. They only look at the title and description associated with the video.

Now, you know what we are talking about.

Get people talk about your subject – Expert Opinions

Readers don’t just look for information these days. They like to read opinions, suggestions, real time experiences and feedback from users about a service or products. You can use this as your weapon to reach out to your target audience effectively. This technique, also known as the “expert round up technique” can work tremendously well to generate more traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization of your blog or website is not an arduous task if you are aware of the latest trends and techniques that actually work. Keep yourself updated, implement those workable strategies and watch the game play in your favor.