Ask the person what their primary weapon is when looking for a job, and they will answer that it is a great resume, confidence in an interview, or a perfectly completed test task. And very rarely, you will receive a response from “social networks.” However, your online page has a lot to tell a recruiter. Moreover, turn into an Instagram resume.

According to research, 73% of recruiters research candidates’ social media profiles before asking them for an interview. Social recruiting is becoming more and more an integral part of recruiters and HR-s due to a variety of factors. This is both a large audience and an opportunity to collect more information about the candidate and the prospects for developing an HR brand.

In addition, social networks are convenient to use from a smartphone, and according to studies, 86% of people use them to find a job. So let’s talk about how to create a quality profile and become an attractive candidate in the eyes of an HR professional.

Make your Profile Tolerant and Correct

Your profile is your reputation. It is good if your radical statements or reposts do not interfere with forming a holistic, harmonious image for a partner or employer. We are talking about a profile that will create a complete impression of the personality, cover several areas of life: sports, family, hobbies, travel, worldview moments.

Review your posts about intolerant statements that may offend certain population groups. Often, such posts are visible in the negative mood of the texts. We also recommend removing posts that may spoil your image or relationships with potential new employers and colleagues, partners.

Think Future When Leading Your Profile

Many people don’t think about including social media on a resume. But this is the tool that the HR specialist carefully analyzes and concludes. Therefore, you can add information here that will be useful to you. You can write a couple of stories about your life path artistically and briefly describe the critical moments of your becoming as a person and a specialist.

Storytelling like this will be a great addition to your resume: fascinating stories humanize the image, and openness and willingness to write about your life on social networks inspire respect and trust among potential partners and employers.

Pay Attention to Your Subscriptions and Likes on Channels

Thanks to the algorithm, Instagram tracks how interesting we are to each other, including the number of messages between us. Please pay Attention to other users who are important to you: go to their pages, likes, comment, watch their stories and communicate. Don’t forget to reply to comments under your posts. “Just like” is not appropriate.

Follow the Profile Topic

Of course, it’s essential to create the right profile that shows your value as a professional. However, here it is not necessary to approach strictly and fundamentally and declare to the world: “Attention! Now I will only write about engineering or accounting. “

The main topic, for example, your crucial competence, can pass through a thin thread through your profile, be regularly reflected in stories and feeds in the form of life hacks, stories, and the point of view of a specialist who looks at the world around and everyday situations like an experienced professional. For example, it is pretty acceptable to react to the January situation in the country and the world from the position of a marketing specialist to give an easy and extensive analysis of the case, even while on vacation at a ski resort or in another country.

The central theme of the profile should be exploited not only regularly but to bring its proportion to 50-60% of publications. Power users will find it helpful to plan their brand activities quarterly. Include regular photoshoots, writing expert short articles in your accounts, thinking about a series of videos or broadcasts, considering life situations from a professional position.

Creating a Quality Resume

Let’s also talk about what is CV on Instagram. This is a handy tool that allows you to quickly and easily organize all the necessary information about your experience and create a complete resume. Today, some sites offer both free features and paid tools.

A profile site helps you create a resume for your social media and employer. The user must enter personal data (name, year of birth, contact information, etc.) and talk about his experience and qualities that can interest the employer. An interactive resume helps an HR agent learn more about a potential employee. All this, together with a high-quality Instagram profile, is an excellent opportunity to get your dream job.