is salesource the best platform for dropshipping

What is SaleSource?

When starting a business utilizing dropshipping, where you find your product is an extremely important aspect of your business. SaleSource makes that process simple by providing you with great products to sell online via their extensive library.

Search through products sorted by categories ranging from fashion, toys, beauty, and even electronics and simply add them to your online store. If you are using Shopify to host your website, SaleSource will probably become one of your favorite applications that Shopify offers.

Once you have added your products to your website and someone has placed their order, SaleSource will make sure your supplier ships the products directly from their warehouse to your customer’s doorstep. Instead of worrying about storing, packaging, and shipping your products you can now focus your energy on growing your brand and making more sales.

How does SaleSource work?

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SaleSource makes importing products to your Shopify store extremely simple with just a click of your mouse. Utilizing AliExpress or other popular marketplaces for your product listings just takes you searching for your product and adding it as a listing on your website. With SaleSource, you will never have to spend time worrying about packaging, or shipping, or having to purchase any stock up front, because they work with suppliers for you.

The Main Features of SaleSource

This application within your Shopify offers its users many features to further grow and create a successful business. Whether you are trying to make more sales or are looking for help managing your store and tracking sales, look over some of the most popular features SaleSource offers below:

  • Importing Products – Once you start your ecommerce site, the next main feature you will spend some time setting up is finding products to list for purchase. With SaleSource, simply shop through their list of marketplaces like AliExpress and other similar sites to find products that are ready to ship. All you have to do is find the product you want, add it to your import list, and publish the product to make it available to your customers.
  • All Inclusive Interface – Whether you are looking to manage your products, import product lists, track orders, or monitor your sales and profits, SaleSource has all those options in one concise menu. You can even keep track and access SaleSource’s automated fulfilment of orders within your website.

    They even offer automatic updates on current product prices and real time logging of what is currently out of stock to keep your customers happy. Analytics can be used to not only grow your business but also see what areas may be negatively impacting your success. SaleSource makes it easy to access all that information in one place.

  • Suppliers – When spending some time on sites that offer a multitude of products, you will probably notice that there are a lot of suppliers selling the same products. If you notice that another supplier offers the same product with better prices or delivery times, SaleSource lets users simply change your supplier with one click. This will create better buying conditions for your customer to stand apart from your competitors.

How much does SaleSource cost?

For those of you looking to try SaleSource, sign up to try their free 30-day trial, which is their Pro Plan. This way you can take full advantage of all available features SaleSource offers before committing to purchasing.

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After the first month, you will have your choice of three available plans: their Starter, Basic, and Pro. Their starter plan is the most popular, because you can stay on a free account for as long as you like, as long as you don’t list more than 500 products and your monthly order number does not exceed 50 orders. Depending on your business size, SaleSource makes it pretty clear to find the perfect plan for you.

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The basic plan is $29.90 per month, lets you list 10,000 products and allow 500 orders per month. With this plan you will also have shipment tracking and fulfillment monitoring features.

Lastly is SaleSource’s pro plan at $79.90 a month that offers 30,000 product listings and unlimited sales for the month, and all features SaleSource offers. Whether you are just starting out or have been drop shipping for years and have built up a large customer base, there is an SaleSource plan for everyone. If your company grows faster or slows down, you are able to alter your plan at any time.

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