user-interface-design-for-websiteMore than 40 percent of world population are using internet and the penetration is growing at more pace recently with the implementation of high speed networks. The surge of internet has changed the face of retailing and makes the retailer easily to reach where target customer is i.e. to online arena. Creating websites for their company is the first step that the present era retailers are doing to attract the customer base. The reason is that 70% of people are doing online analysis before buying a product and on such case a website for a product increases the brand value of the product.

The penetration of WordPress

The growth of WordPress in website design has grown strong fold in the recent years which was used for blogging in the initial years and it has grown into important tool in content management system (CMS) by responsive themes. WordPress is enable for both mobile and desktop and almost handling 20% of web traffic and used by millions of online publishers has grown with the influence of few factors. Since it is available at free of cost and without licensing and it is simple to operate and use, people who don’t have knowledge about HTML are using it. Even though it is available for free it is developed as secured source where there is no significant threat in using WordPress.

The role of responsive websites

One of the recent debates, conversation in tech innovation is responsive web design which is considered as solution for the decade long flaw of irresponsive websites which is not compatible in mobile phones. The need for responsive websites is the surge of shipment in mobile devices and the demand for smartphones makes the mobile phone industry as one of the few successful industries even during the recession period. The sales of smartphones are going beyond the forecasted value and still growing. Among the total mobile phone users, 55% of them are using smartphones and 1.5 billion people are using more than one phone. By the year 2018 the entire world population will have smartphones with 1:2 internet connections.

The number of mobile shoppers has increased after designing the responsive websites which was below 30% at the beginning of 2014. According to recent data, the last quarter sale in US which includes festival sales such as Christmas. Halloween and Thanksgiving week has experienced mobile shopping more than 50% and it is the first time that mobile shopping has crossed the desktop sales. The growth is more rapid than anticipated growth which was estimated as 67% by the end of 2019 and the current pace seems it will attain the projected value by the end of 2015. One of the coupon sites discountrue revealed that the sudden increase in mobile shopping due to higher conversion rate in responsive websites than normal sites and also it reduces the cart abandonment rate more than 25%.

Also another advantage of responsive websites is a single website adapts all devices such as desktop, mobile and laptops. Sharing is the important success strategy lies beyond the online shopping with social media. When a person is sharing content with many other users and the responsive websites enable a compatible view to all users with any devices. Developers are working on updating the features of web design and WordPress and we can expect more compatible version in future.