the best ski resort outside of boise idaho

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read ‘ski resort?’ It’s probably skiing. That’s logical. However, while skiing is obviously a key aspect, the best ski resorts offer a lot more. And if you drive approximately two hours north of Boise, you will find one of those resorts, which is called Tamarack Resort.

Tamarack Resort Accommodations

Tamarack Resort is under new ownership and guests have been raving about it ever since. Actually, there was a rough stretch with construction during the transition, but that’s the same at any resort during construction. Currently, everything is quiet and beautiful, which makes your timing is excellent if you choose to visit.

This is a large resort near McCall. The resort features a ski village, lodges, shopping, a spa, fireworks, and free concerts. The Lodge at Osprey Meadows is definitely recommended. The large rooms with full kitchens and huge outdoor hot tub with mountain views are big selling points. However, if you would prefer something more private, you can rent a chalet, a condo, or even buy a vacation home in the area.

Skiing Details
Let’s start with cost before getting to the fun part…

Day Visit: $25-$75
Season Pass: $139-$489
Family Pass: $1,549

If you’re not familiar with skiing costs, this is excellent value. You will have fresh powder every morning, long runs, short lines, and a lot of groomed slopes. If you want to take a break for something to eat or drink a cup of hot coffee, you don’t need to trek back to the resort. You can use the Mile High Cantina at the top of the Tamarack Express Lift. If you want to grab some coffee before you hit the slopes, you can use the Clear Water Coffee Compound at Village Market. Other dining options include Seven Devils Pub, Fern & Feather, and Canoe Grill.

For those of you who are beginners on the slopes, you can take lessons. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. If you have the experience, you can also snowboard here. Additionally, you can go snowshoeing, which is for everyone and a highly underrated activity because it allows you to slow down and experience the scene to the fullest.

Visiting During The Summer Months

the best ski resort outside of boise idaho 2

In most cases, only people who live in the area of a ski resort take advantage of it in both the summer and winter months. People who vacation at a ski resort will usually only do so in the winter or the summer yet not both.

Those who visit in the winter are doing so for winter sports. Those who visit in the summer do so for summer sports, relaxation, and scenery. This isn’t to say there isn’t scenery in the winter. Of course, that’s the case, but it’s more of an added benefit as opposed to the primary reason for visiting.

When you vacation at Tamarack Resort, summer activities include whitewater rafting, kayaking, pickleball, disc golf, boating, waterboarding, tubing, paddleboarding, hiking, cycling, swimming, and more.

You have to go off-site for whitewater rafting. The other water-based activities listed above all take place on the beautiful Lake Cascade. You can rent a pontoon boat if you have a large party, or you can rent a kayak if you want to go exploring on your own. As far as hiking and cycling, there are miles of trails. You might see some wildlife, so be sure to have your camera ready or you might miss it.

Another activity that isn’t mentioned above is taking the lift to enjoy the majestic views. This is also a time you will want to have your camera. Many visitors are amazed by all the wildflowers.


If you want to vacation at a luxury resort near Boise, Idaho that is likely to satisfy in either season, then you should strongly consider Tamarack Resort. The consistent positive ratings since the ownership change are proof that you’re making an excellent experience investment, and nothing is more important in life than experiences.