reseller-hosting-benefitsJust like with every other decision that you make throughout the day, web hosting offers many options to weigh before making a final call. Web hosting is needed in order to get your website on the internet so people can find it and communicate, discuss with others or even buy something from you. Since there are so many options when it comes to web hosting services, it makes sense to take a look at the advantages of each. Reseller hosting is one option that you might have seen when looking for hosting and it is also a good way to put a couple of extra bucks into your own pocket. Reseller hosting is perfect for a large site or a business that is running more than one website at time.

Hosting Multiple Websites

Many times you can get one reseller hosting account and host as many websites as you want with the host. Of course, all hosts are different, but this is a feature that might be worth checking into if you have more than one website to host. This way, you will pay just one monthly fee for all of the websites compared to one fee for each of the websites that you need hosted. If you have a website that is split into subdomains or email servers, then a reseller hosting account might be a good option for you. Hosting all of your subdomains and email servers separately can be very expensive so you will be saving money as well.

Hosting Features

Reseller accounts also offer plenty of features to make your hosting experience a good one. Basic web hosting plans might seem to be the cheapest option for you, but remember that you get what you pay for in the end. Upgrading to a reseller account gives you more features that are needed to successfully operate your business website. Getting access to backend files, unlimited SSL certificates are typically only offered through reseller or dedicated server plans. Getting a reseller account also means that you do not have to manage a physical server yourself.

Maintaining Your Account

The maintenance can be a pain to keep up with, but a reseller account moves all of that work onto the hosting provider. Technical support that is available 24/7 is key and as long as there is some place you can find the right answer, you are on the right track. Because a dedicated server can cost you more than it might be worth for your company, going with a reseller account will save you money each month. The low prices that you pay often times do not reflect the excellent technical support that you are getting. Reseller plans are affordable options for those companies that need a place to store files that run multiple sites and need room for growth as well.

The best part about a reseller account is that if you are not using all of the space that you are allotted, you can resell it to make some extra money.