the role of the technology partner in the business process
Sometimes it is very hard for companies to single handedly cover the whole process of electronics designing or any other kind of business. They need partners to cover every aspect of the business and to network more effectively. Different partners come together with other companies to provide a completely new complete ecosystem.

There are sales partners, technology partners, developer partners, design translation partners, service bureaus, incubator partners, clubs, and organizations. Altium collaborates with very many companies to ensure they provide a better electronics design that can only advance the design projects.

How design projects can benefit from technology partners

For the design projects, the best partners are the technology partners. These provide Altium and other similar organizations with products that compliment theirs. The products are software and tools. All the tools purchased from the technology partners must be compatible with Altium tools and ensure smooth running.

The purchase of products or services from any technology partner is a very attractive proposal for any business. Technological advancement in most companies and organizations has made outsourcing for technology partners a necessity. This has helped many organizations streamline their services and keep their competitors on their toes.

How organization can benefit from technology partners

technology partners organization
For organizations that can afford it, the concept of outsourcing for technology partners is a great opportunity. Forming relationships with a trustworthy technology partner helps the company stay agile. Agility in every organization is very important as it helps the outsourcing organization quickly adapt to changes in its environment.

Outsourcing may look like an expensive venture to begin with. However, there are many overheads avoided by collaborating with other technology firms. There are several reasons why outsourcing or business partners has its advantages

  • You do not have to worry about paying employee acquisition costs because there will be no extra employees to employ
  • There is no need to pay your development team when there is practically no work to do.
  • You do not need to have any extra space in your organization for the technology partners.
  • Spending of capital on expensive development tools like software licenses, prototype manufacturing equipment and computer equipment is not necessary.
  • The only financial commitment you have with the technology partner is the development contract you signed.
  • There is optimal resource allocation as all the technological services are carried out by the partner company thus gaining maximum output from all the services offered.
  • Enhanced Productivity guaranteed in both personnel and technologies. This will lead to an enhancement the productivity and output of all the projects.
  • The technology partners will ensure there are better and faster services by offering their tools and services at competitive prices and this will benefit the clients as they have experts handling all their requirements.
  • Risks reduced as errors and failure rates become minimal. This can be highly attributed to the act that there is an expert technician handling things. The technology partners always make sure they come problem free technology solutions to the clients.

Many other advantages come with having technology partners.

Below are technology partners of ALTIUM.
[list type=”dot”]

  • Aras Corporation
  • Arena Solutions
  • Artwork Conversion Software
  • Atmel
  • AutoDesk
  • CST (Computer Simulation Technology)
  • Cypress
  • Dassault Systèmes
  • Dassault systemes SolidWorks Corps
  • Downstream Technologies
  • Elgris Technologies
  • inLynk
  • inLynk Software
  • Keysight Technologies
  • Konekt
  • Lattice
  • LogicSwap
  • MicroChip
  • MicroSemi
  • Octopart
  • Omnity Software
  • PCB Libraries
  • Qbuild Software
  • Siemens PLM
  • Simetrix Technologies
  • Simplified Solutions
  • Sisoft
  • Texas Instruments
  • Toradex
  • Ucamco
  • ULMA Embedded Solutions