the-sheer-advantages-of-using-magento-templates-for-your-ecommerce-portalMagento is one of the very successful open source platforms for developing eCommerce portals that can perform to the standards. The templates offered are easily customizable, easy to shop, easy to use, user-friendly, and great for retailers. The sheer amount of benefits offered by magento templates justify why they are the right choice for eCommerce portals.

User Friendly

The awesome layouts and user friendly features are the best things about them, making them more lucrative and alluring.Furthermore, they are absolutely unproblematic and simple to install and use.


Based on the needs, size, and budget of individual business, Magento is flexible to get edition-oriented solutions. For instance, Magento Go is ideal for small businesses, while Magento Enterprise suits medium and large ones ideally. Several magento templates are also a part of this flexibility advantage. Each business can avail a unique benefit out of this.

Open Source

The best part of magento templates is that they are open source in nature and users can procure them without the need to pay for any resource. This also implies that the platform will evolve further in future and get to be an even better platform. The advancements will help in the better shaping up of eCommerce portals.

Google Services

What makes magento even better in terms of performance and efficiency is the sheer fact that it has tied up with Google. Several of the search engines giant’s services like Google Base, Google Analytics, and Google Checkout can be exploited along with Magento. This helps in uploading content, traffic tracking, and processing customer orders. So, businesses can devise better strategies to appeal to more of their target customers.

Plethora of Features

Magento is fully loaded with great features enabling advanced search, layered navigation, favorites, wish lists, multi-store feature, product comparisons, grouped products, content management system, email list, and SEO performance. For any eCommerce portal, its features are its foundation that helps to deliver customer satisfaction and user experience. In this facade, Magento certainly exceed the expectations.

Various Marketing Tools

Magento websites get several advanced tools and technologies to market the business. Many prospective buyers could get lured by branding as enabled by Magento. Some of these tools are Private Sales,Bundled Products, Flexible Coupons, Multi-Tier Pricing, Catalog Promotional Pricing, and Landing page Tools.

Hassle-Free Management of Multiple Stores

Magento makes multiple store management easy. Every store can be established specifically with a unique catalogue of products. Managing several stores from one administrative panel is not difficult anymore. And running a business 24/7 and managing it is stress-free, thanks to the innumerable benefits offered by Magento.

Easy Order Management

Enterprises can take care of its orders easily with Magento. Admin panel can be used to create, edit, view, and fulfil orders, print out packaging slip, raise bills, and create RSS feed or email notifications.

The benefits offered by Magento templates are simply irresistible for eCommerce businesses to stay away from. Just find magento templates from TemplateMela and get going!