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Business owners are often advised to create SEO-optimized content. Such type of content tends to attract more shares, generate leads, and increase conversion rate. Crafting unique content has evolved past the level of relying on keyword stuffing or linking to just any site.

It’s imperative to focus on users during the process of building a brand that will remain indelible in their minds. The ideal thing is to hire a trustworthy SEO company that will fit your needs and budget. This will eliminate the need to engage in black hat SEO tactics that often come with serious consequences.

These tips will come in handy when designing and implementing your content marketing strategy.

1. Create long-form content

You are free to publish your content once you reach the 300 words count in the past. Things have changed as Google now prefers long-form content which is usually around 1500 – 2500 words. In fact, this type of content is one of the top SEO trends for 2019.

Ensure that you share in-depth content that can provide immense value to your readers. Even though many online visitors have a short attention span, a significant percentage of them are eager to read long-form content. Backing up each content with the proper citation will make it more attractive.

2. Integrate visuals

visual content optimization
It’s high time to invest in quality visuals if you’re yet to take this step. Visuals can give your brand a professional and authentic look. In addition, they can go a long way to boost engagement and dwell time.

Master the art of using quality images and optimize them for better SEO. Some of the steps you can take include using the right file name, captions, alt description, and relevant keywords. Endeavor to use the proper image size and format too.

3. Readability

Readability is one of the factors that set well-optimized content apart from the rest. It often gives users a reason to visit the important pages on your website and linger there. Google will be convinced that you’re an authority in your field once you maintain consistency.

Offer clear content that is organized in a logical manner. Relying on headlines and sub-headers will make your content easier to skim. This can also increase the chances of sharing on social media and such content may likely go viral.

4. Targeted keywords

seo keyword target search engines
It’s difficult for brands to be visible to their target audience unless they include targeted keywords. These are known as the key terms and phrases used when carrying out searches that relate to your industry.

Keyword research can reveal the gaps in your content marketing strategy. Set aside time to research your audience and the type of information they are looking for. You also need to understand the factors that usually influence their search habit.

5. Reputation matters

Be deliberate about taking advantage of SEO for reputation management. This must be done before a negative situation arises because it’s the key to protecting your online image.

However, this approach isn’t an excuse to provide poor services or cheat unsuspecting customers. It goes without saying that reviews and testimonials will reveal brands that engage in this sooner or later.