tips on promoting your song on spotify
Spotify has millions of users, and many talented artists stream their music on the platform. To stand out from the crowd and attract a lot of people you have to work hard. And besides creating quality music, which is a must, you need to promote your art. If you plan the promotion and have a strong strategy, then your music will find its fan base. Here, we will introduce you to the essential tips on promoting your music on Spotify.

1. Get a Verification from Spotify

Getting an artist verification on Spotify can be beneficial for you in many ways. It will open new features and useful tools for you. One of the benefits of being a verified artist is the feature of playlists. Before applying for verification, you have to upload your music on Spotify. And then, after a couple of steps, you can get your verification.

2. Have a Customized Profile

Having a customized profile on Spotify is one of the critical elements. So we highly recommend you to add your photo and write a good bio about yourself. You can even create your playlists. Make sure to come up with ideas that will distinguish your account from others. This will help you stand out from the crowd, and people will quickly notice and recognize you.

3. Start an Early Distribution

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Promotion before releasing a song on Spotify plays a considerable role. It will help you to create interest among the fans. So if you want to have a lot of listeners, you should start promoting your music a couple of weeks before the release date. You should sign up for distribution a couple of weeks before you release the song on Spotify. This will give you enough time to promote your music and attract people.

4. Submit Your Music on Spotify’s Playlists

There is a tool on Spotify which allows you to use a playlist submission tool. Especially hint works for thematic playlists. In order to use it, you have to do it seven days before the actual release of the song. This is great, because Spotify will promote your music, and people will become interested. There is an opportunity to write notes before submitting them. In the notes section, you can write some additional information about your music. Remember that you need to invest in your music, so especially in the beginning, have a budget.

5. Utilize Ads for Promotion

Using ads is always a great way to promote your music on Spotify. You can use ads before the release date and even after it. In the beginning, you have to understand your needs and your audience. This will help you to promote your song on Spotify quickly and more effectively.

Final result

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After some time, when you gain your loyal fan base, you will notice that your next song gets more listeners. So at first, you may work a lot to gain followers and fans. But after some time, the journey on Spotify will become more comfortable for you. So make quality music, and work hard for success.

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