tools to grow wordpress website
WordPress is one of the most popular website builders worldwide used by both small and big businesses. Currently, there are a lot of tools out there, and as a marketer, you may have an idea of those that do the same things and others that may not work with other tools.

Everyone who starts a blog or every business that has a website wishes to have more traffic and more sales through the given site. Marketing tools will be essential for your website to grow to its full potential. You need to do for your site to reach more people. Here are some of the must-have marketing tools for your WordPress site.


Yoast is one of the most commonly used SEO plugins. This tool lets you use focus topics and keywords for your article and brings in the meta tags that are important to Google. This will be vital in enabling you to generate a sitemap that gets included in your search engine console. Through this, search engines like Google will know what to crawl and index for your given website. It is also used to optimize main topics and words for different social media platforms.


The amount of traffic on your website is essential if you wish to grow. It is always easy to increase the amount of traffic your website has if you can find how people find and use your website. Monsterinsights will be crucial in showing you detailed information on the stats that will be essential in determining how people find your site. It is among the best tools that are used for analytics by many established businesses that utilize WordPress.

monsterinsights grow wordpress website
This plugin is essential in helping you connect your WordPress site with various search engine’s analytics. Through the analytics, you can track all of the right metrics and bring the information inside of your WordPress dashboard. This enables you to view all the stats in one place. The tool is easy to use and quite straightforward. If you are looking for more professional help in marketing your site, you should consider visiting for the best data analytics and marketing tools.

Beaver Builder

Websites that have pages that are well-presented and have pictures that demand attention on the first look tend to attract more people. If you are looking to make a theme or design your website pages, you should consider using Beaver Builder for its features. This tool is simple since it is a drag-and-drop page builder. Through the plugin, you can customize your website pages to your liking. It is quite economical and will be helpful to those who do not have the finances to hire a developer.


This type of plugin will aid you get more email subscribers and improve your WordPress website sales conversion. As a marketer, the majority of those who leave your website will never come back. Through Optinmonster, you can turn visitors who leave into email subscribers by using targeted messages on floating bars and personalized messages to those who visit your website.

Shared Counts

use shared counts for wordpress website growth
Many websites tend to have social sharing buttons, and this tends to slow down most websites. Shared counts plugin is considered one of the lightest weight media tools for WordPress. Through the plugin, you can add share buttons on your blog pages without slowing down your website. You can add share buttons to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Tools are essential for your website to succeed. You should consider utilizing the tools named above for your WordPress website.