top seo tips when creating your company website

Having a website for your business comes with multiple benefits. One of the most important is that it brings your business, products, or services closer to your target audience. However, creating a stunning website is only as important as the ease at which your target customers find it.

This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is utterly crucial during and after the creation of any business website. If you build your site the right way, it becomes easier to stand out and attract traffic from organic searches. It is one of the top tips for running a successful online business from scratch. Here are some top SEO tips you need to know when creating your company website.

1. Have a Clear Structure for Your Site

User experience affects SEO in a large capacity. To ensure a great user experience for each of your web visitors, you will want to ensure the site is structured to make it easy for both visitors and search engine crawlers to navigate and understand your content.

Be sure to create a hierarchy that includes pages, categories, subcategories, and headings. Luckily, there are several website-building tools available to create a structure that works for your business.

2. Site Speed Matters

While page speed may not directly affect SEO, it directly affects your ranking on Google search results. A slow website is more likely to have high bounce rates, as internet users are time-conscious these days, and very few people will wait more than three seconds for a page to load. A thriving website is fast-loading and attracts more traffic, conversions, and referrals. Some ways to make your site fast include:

  • Choosing the ideal host/server for your business needs
  • Compressing your content where possible
  • Minimizing HTTP requests
  • Utilize browser caching
  • Reducing JavaScript and CSS
  • Avoiding unnecessary plugins

3. Link to Social Media

Social media has evolved over the years. These days, many people use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to locate businesses like yours. When creating your company website, ensure you have matching social media profiles and don’t forget to place your website URL there. On your site homepage, links to your social media profiles should be prominent so visitors can learn more about your business. Social media is a great way to boost SEO.

4. Have a Winning Content Strategy

Content quality is one of the most important ranking factors as far as Google algorithms are concerned. In most cases, long-form content ranks higher compared to shorter pieces. Ensure your content is always well-researched, relevant to your audience, and interesting to read.

Using the right keywords will also make it easily noticeable on search engines. For Google crawlers to understand your content better, it should be well structured and formatted with relevant headings, H1-H2 tags, and meta descriptions. Just make sure you don’t stuff your content with too many keywords or you risk being penalized by Google. Using images and videos alongside text will help make your content more engaging and attractive to readers.

5. Link Building is Paramount

Link building is among the most important factors when it comes to search engine optimization. Having links that lead to your site at related high domain authority blogs and websites is a great source of outbound traffic. It also appeals more to google algorithms, boosting your site’s rankings on search engines. Just makes you prioritize getting quality links rather than quantity.

6. Optimize for Mobile

These days, most people access the internet from their mobile devices compared to computers and laptops. This is why you should prioritize a mobile-first design when creating your website. The site should be responsive, so anyone can access it without difficulties regardless of the device or screen size they are using.

7. Get an SEO Specialist

Every business is unique in its own way. If you run a mold remediation business, an expert in SEO for mold removal companies will come in handy. They will create a strategy that implements all the above and more tactics that will help increase your audience, sales, and brand popularity.

The importance of SEO in digital marketing can never be overlooked. When building your company website, the few pointers above can help you rank high on search engines.