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“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ― Paul Cookson

In this day and age, our physical identities have all but merged with our online personas, making it is nigh on impossible to maintain a good business or a company without having some sort of online presence. The problem that crops up more often than not is the fact that not many people are aware of web design and the nuances that it brings. This is where can help businesses with online presence and identity.

One of the harsh realities of website designing lies in the fact that the general public is so accustomed to badly designed and cluttered interfaces, that whenever they do encounter an instance of good design, they are unwilling to break the mould and appreciate the better product.

This is something that has plagued many individuals as well as companies- brilliant ideas that have been executed well but because they lack the professional touch of an experienced web designer, they have turned thousands of potential customers away from their website. That is why we always suggest to go with a professional website designer when you embark on any new project! As even the greatest of ideas need the mastery of an expert craftsman to become a reality.

Before you rush out and search for a Web Designing studio though, there are a few key considerations that must be kept in mind:
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  • Distance: Although websites are made so that they can be accessed and developed by anyone across the world, there is a distinct advantage in choosing a web designing firm that is near your business location. This is because even with advanced video conferencing tools at our disposal, it sometimes becomes hard to get our ideas across. This is where sitting down face to face plays a pivotal role and thus choosing a website design studio in the vicinity becomes crucial to the success of any project!
  • Cost: While a quick web search will bring up tens of website design studios, not all of them are uniquely suited to your business model and expenditure. Hiring a top of the line firm from London might seem a great idea on paper, but it rarely translates to a sound business decision. Often, the better idea is to opt for smaller web design companies Manchester that offer better quality services without burning a hole into your coffers,
  • Plan: The greatest web designers possess an innate ability to bring almost any idea to life, yet they too are mere humans and not telepathic wizards. So, if you want an amazing looking website created of your product or your brand or anything else, it is first vitally important to have a plan of action dreamt up in your head. After all, a great looking website isn’t worth anything if you don’t manage to convert the visitors you get into paying clients.

With that being said, having the right strategic planning can get you a long way towards creating a website that is unique as well as functional for your needs. That’s why in this article we have gathered some of the best minds in web designing in and around Manchester UK that can help make your Internet presence into a reality! Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Red Fern

Probably the biggest and most well known name on this list, Red Fern Media has been serving up quality website content and designs for quite some time. They have made a name for themselves in the greater manchester area and have now developed ther in-house solutions to  provide a complete Internet Marketing guide for your projects.

The most defining aspect of Red Fern as a Web Design Manchester Company is the fact that they start every project with a detailed Website project plan that outlines the entire process of how they’re going to give your brand a facelift. In fact, one of the best parts of working with Red Fern is the fact that not only do they understand website design, they’ve an incredibly competent team that learns about your business in great detail so that their creations are perfectly tailored for all your online needs.

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And it’s not just us who have high praises for them, they boast of an impressive list of companies who they have served in the past including heavy weights like Fast Pay, What More UK, Botany Bay and the Morson Group to name a few. And if all of this still hasn’t convinced you to at least check them out, they also include a free Internet market analysis of you company- that coming from a Hubspot certified partner in of itself is something that you’d generally have to put down a fair amount of change for.

2. Design by Day

Run of the mill websites can be found a dime a dozen, but when it comes to creating web content that is just the right fit for a business, many companies fall short. Lack of resources and small teams means that web designers often paint themselves into a corner and fail to be versatile and fluid when it comes to thinking out of the box.

That is exactly where Design by Day swoops in! Based in Manchester, like all of the companies mentioned in this list are, the talent pool at this web design company has worked across various niches including health, retail, music, art and obviously business. They have an impressive list of clientele boasting of names like University of Salford,, University of Manchester as well as Arts Council England.

However, it is not just the big names that count, their team of dedicated developers, animators as well as website designers means that they can provide a complete website overhaul including a brand makeover. It is this versatility as well as passion for internet branding that has earned them a spot on this list!

3. Sizzle

Sizzle has been one of the oldest web design services to have existed in the website design Manchester space, and have been designing and creating websites since 1995. One of the greatest testaments of their success is the fact that they had been able to sustain themselves despite the dotcom crash and that speaks volumes about the dedication as well as hard work the web designers over at Sizzle have for their craft.

While they specialise in creating mostly business websites, their years of experience means they have honed their craft to a level of expertise where their websites are fast fluid and the perfect starting block for any business regardless of their size. Sizzle also specialises in making mobile friendly websites as in the modern smartphone era it is one of the most defining factors of gaining brand recognition on the Internet.

Their list of clients also include some industry leaders like Barton Kendal, Avonside Roofing and Williamson & Croft to name a few.

4. Pixel Kicks

An award winning Web Design Studio from Manchester, Pixel Kicks specializes in creating visually stunning websites based on the Magento as well as WordPress platforms. What they might lack in terms of versatility, they more than make up for it by being one of the very best web designing companies in their particular niche.

They have a small and driven team that delves deep into every customer’s needs and then surfaces with a well rounded plan that not only highlights their website designing but also takes into accounts the other pertinent needs of running an online presence. From SEO to social media, Pixel Kicks are perfect for just setting up an online brand and then watching it grow under their loving nurture and care.

Their list of happy customers includes names like Hall Dental Studios, The Monastery, NPP Investments and Ferranti Technologies.

5. Bamboo MCR

Bamboo stands out as one of the most affordable web design agency Manchester available. They specialise in creating no frills websites with really clean and fluid interfaces. While their creations may lack a few of the bells and whistles of the other design studios that we have mentioned in this list, they’re still a favourite by many because of their quality work and reasonable pricing.

They mainly build websites for e-commerce and businesses and that is apparent from their impressive portfolio that includes names like reds Building Services Consultants, Bear All Clothing Company, Bootique Ecommerce WordPress Theme and Covers 33 Ecommerce Website.

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These were the best web design companies manchester that you should look into in order to create an awesome interactive website that draws in customers and increases your brand value through fluid design and eye-pleasing user experiences. After all a website is not just another revenue flow but it also speaks volumes about the brand image itself. In fact modern millenials are more likely to shop from a brand that has a social media presence as well as an inviting and intuitive website!

In the words of legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser:

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

And these companies are the best ones to get that wow factor into your website especially around the Manchester UK area!