useful online tools for publishing book
Writers who wish to publish their own book in a cost effective manner can easily do so these days. Thanks to the many digital self-publishing tools available today, launching a book should not be very difficult.

A priority, though, before anything else is to ensure that your content is of good quality and one that can keep your readers glued from start to end. Choose the right platform and reach out to your audience to build engagement.

Digital tools are very helpful in achieving your goal to become a certified author. There are plenty to choose from hence, take the time to review the features of each before deciding on what to use.

Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is very helpful because it lets aspiring authors to publish their own book for free. The platform is user-friendly and guides users who are in the process of uploading their completed work. What’s also great about this tool is it lets the writer earn a certain percentage every time someone purchases his or her book online. Another feature of this platform that’s most useful is the KDP Select which assists in marketing one’s book.


Whether you are creating a book as an individual or group, Airstory is a great option. With its drag and drop feature, it makes it easy to save information you find useful from the web. Simply clip the content you need, drag it to Airstory and save it.

Everything you put into Airstory gets saved and in case you won’t need some information, you can just transform texts into cards and save them. For teams working on a project, writing templates that are available can be shared.


Regardless of the type of publication you are creating, content should be a priority. Part of this is ensuring that grammar is correct and for this purpose, you can rely on Grammarly. This online tool helps in proofreading what you have written, checking grammar, punctuation and style. Additionally, it is capable of providing suggestions and descriptions thereby making your work easier.

If, however, you want to get human help, there’s a great number of custom writing services that can also do proofreading work for your book.


A product of Adobe, InDesign is a desktop publishing software that can create books and other marketing materials. It is easy to use what with frames available to guide you on where to include certain elements of your book. With this tool, you can be sure to create a quality and professional-looking book.


lulu homepage
Lulu is ideal for creating ebooks. Established in 2002, it has come a long way in helping people achieve their online publishing goals. The site also offers tutorials, guides and other resources to make it easy for users to attain their objectives. It provides three easy steps in publishing your ebook at no cost. Simply download the creator guide, format your manuscript and make a PDF or EPUB copy of your ebook.


An online writing software, Pressbooks can help in creating designs for your book as well as ebooks and white paper among others. It is user-friendly and one just needs to choose from among the many options available. When you are ready to publish your book, you will receive files optimized for use in various platforms. If you prefer to have hard copies printed, print-ready files are also available.


Creating a book does not stop when you have hit the publish button. One needs to promote and market it to as many people as possible most especially your target audience and one of the best ways to do this is by creating a landing page. To help you with this, OptimizePress can create a customized landing page that will not only promote your book but will also invite people to purchase it. A landing page is an effective way of showcasing your book through a summary of its content and photos as well.