Tired of the hot, humid summer days? Sick of getting sweaty every time you step outside or wondering how to fix a hammertoe after a long day at the pool in your uncomfortable sandals? Ready to get cozy in your favorite sweater or around a warm bonfire? You’re not alone! With summer nearly halfway through, many people are over the excessive heat and ready for fall.  If you’re looking to recreate the cozy autumnal vibes you might find around Halloween, here are a few video games to help you get in the mood.

  1. Life is Strange

This popular narrative adventure game is set partially in a cozy small town during the chilly autumn months. The realistic orange leaves, comforting music, and surprisingly spooky plot make you feel like Halloween is just around the corner, no matter what time of year you are playing.

  1. Coffee Talk

This talking simulator is perfect for you if you’re new to gaming or just want a more relaxing, mind-numbing game to occupy yourself on a lazy afternoon. Set in Seattle in September-October, this game’s visuals and lo-fi music will make you feel like you’re sipping your favorite fall drink in a local coffee shop on a chilly afternoon.

  1. The Stillness of the Wind

This game follows the story of the last resident of an abandoned village who is responsible for tending to her farm. The bittersweet plot touches on the ideas of love, loss, and grief and takes place throughout the changing of the seasons from summer to fall. The comforting imagery and soothing music go hand in hand with the serious tone of the plot, making this the perfect game for a cozy evening spent at home.

  1. Resident Evil Biohazard

While this game is the exact opposite of the other more comforting or relaxing options on this list, the spooky imagery and terrifying plot of this horror game will prepare every player for Halloween. Set in a terrifying (perhaps haunted?) farmhouse in rural Louisiana, this game has everything scary: paranormal activity, zombie-like creatures, creepy crawly bugs, and more. If horror games alone aren’t your thing, Resident Evil’s appealing story and surprising plot twists will keep players engaged and constantly wanting more, even if they are too scared to see all the action happening on screen.