what you might not know about corporate dining

There are several ways of motivating your employee; there are company outings to the new corporate dining. All these are done to build the employees’ morale and increase their productivity; a little push goes along. With such corporate food services, you can make simple employees lunch into the company’s culture. Before we look at how to go about it, let us first define;

What is corporate dining?

It is the act of providing employees with meals at the workplace; this can be breakfast, lunch, mid-day snack, or even afternoon tea; different employers choose different services. You can do this by ordering take-out or hiring a catering company.

Types of dining services

There are numerous types, and they are not constant as one can interchange or combine them to meet one’s convenience. Some include;

  • Break room coffee
  • Food trucks
  • In-house catering
  • Daily lunch
  • Boxed meals


  1. Higher Employee Recruitment And Retention

what you might not know about corporate dining 2

Providing higher pay might not always be possible, and providing a simple everyday meal might be an excellent way to supplement that. In doing so, the employer retains its employees in the long run, and it gives them a heads up over other hiring companies. It’s an excellent way to keep employees happy; after all, who does not like free food.

  1. Boost employee efficiency

Studies show that, on average, 60% of employees who eat unhealthy food are less productive; this means healthy and lighter meals keep one energized and active.

Another thing is that by providing in-house lunch topped by an early morning coffee cup, you build informal relationships where new and innovative ideas are created. It creates teamwork and makes management easier.

Mobile employees

For “ever on the move employees,” such as salespersons, there are boxed meals that work all the same. These are more convenient to carry around and eat from anywhere. There is also the food truck option meant to serve people who are always on the go.

Types of Dining Services

  1. In-house catering

With this kind of catering service, you are in full control of everything that goes on in your kitchen. On the downside, it is expensive because you have to purchase all the required pieces of equipment for a kitchen and hire chefs and servers.

  1. Corporate cafeteria

With this, you enter a contract with a catering company to run a cafeteria and serve the employees. However, this service offers price-set meals often made from cheaper ingredients meaning that they offer standardized meals.

  1. The corporate food hall and pop-up restaurants

Here, you get local restaurants to offer a variety of delicacies to your employees. In a pop-up, the restaurants send in their employees to take food orders from your employees then deliver them. The cost can be all-inclusive or personal.

  1. Daily corporate catering

You combine catering and local restaurants to deliver meals and offer various freshly made meals. On the downside, they can be costly without a managing company in play.

  1. Corporate event catering

When everyday meals are not available, you could always get meals to deliver on special occasions such as meeting or even on Fridays to end the week in style.

  1. Snack and coffee

If you already have coffee for our employees, you can add a little sank to accompany it.

Cost dining services

Most companies do not give you pricing on a specific meal; instead, they set a custom quote. In-house catering may be monotonous and lead to low usage. Local catering and pop-up restaurants provide more pricing options and save more.


Depending on your kind of business set up, whether fixed or mobile, there is a corporate dining option to fit you. When choosing a dining service, go for one that increased employee’s productivity and saves more. Keeping in mind that healthy meals make one more energetic and effective. The idea is to motivate and increase the efficiency of your employees.