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If you ever wanted to start building your own website, you’d definitely run across WordPress while searching on Google. WordPress is the most popular website builder and it holds more than 455 million users by 2021, and the number is constantly growing.

Just because WordPress is an open-source platform and it is free, most people think that it is for beginners that are just started building a website. Which is not the case.

You’ll be amazed to see the number of huge corporations and probably many of your most favorite brands that are currently using WordPress as their main builder for their website.

Why WordPress?

Over the years, this platform has improved a lot. For the first couple of years, WordPress faced many problems in terms of security and customizable option. However, as the number of users grew, so did their capabilities. Nowadays, even the best teams in TwinSpires NBA odds are using it.

WordPress is now one of the most secured platforms that provide the best customizable options that don’t require any coding knowledge.

The shocking part is that almost 40% of all websites on the internet are managed on WordPress, but why?

Well, WordPress is great for many reasons, such as:

  • It is very simple to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge
  • It is flexible. You can add an unlimited number of themes and plugins that can help you achieve the design or functionality of your website.
  • The data is owned by you. Even though you are using WordPress to build your website, they don’t store your data. In fact, full ownership and control over your website data lie in your hands and your hosting provider.
  • It is functional and fast. Even though WordPress is a pre-coded website builder, it comes with great features that will let you have a responsive and fast website.
  • It is very powerful. The real power of WordPress comes from the community, or in other words, the people that are constantly building plugins for everything. Now you can design and build a website that would have taken months to build, in just a few hours.
  • It is free. After all of the benefits, WordPress comes as a free website builder, which is perfect for start-ups.

Which Popular Brands are Using WordPress?

companies wordpress

As we mentioned before, there are many popular brands that are using WordPress for building and managing their websites. Let’s go through the list and find out more.

BBC America

Have you ever thought that one of the biggest news companies in the world is relying on WordPress for their website? Well, the BBC America website is built and maintained using WordPress, and it features a blog-like design and dark skin on the homepage.

Microsoft News

Yes, Microsoft news is created with WordPress and all of the amazing features in a magazine-like style are thanks to plugins that anyone can install. So, if it is good enough for Bill Gates, it should be good enough for you.

Sony Music

Surprisingly, Sony Music is also built on WordPress even though it requires a couple of unique features since it is a global music company. This is a website with a simple design where you can find singers, artists, bands, and featured videos alongside trendy hits. Even though this is a WordPress website, it probably has some unique coding in CSS.

The Walt Disney Company

The company that revolutionized the world of animation is using WordPress to run its website. They have a simple design that showcases their most popular locations such as Disney World, and a News segment for following the latest information about the company.

Facebook Newsroom

The most popular social media platform uses WordPress to spread the word about the latest news and announcements about Facebook.

Many people are wondering why Facebook uses WordPress to publish the latest news about their company, instead of building their own website, and we are too. However, at the end of the day, it is simpler and easier, and that is reason enough.

Toyota Motors Brazil

WordPress is very popular in the automotive industry, and Toyota is one of the first companies that decided to go with WordPress for their website, instead of building their own from scratch.

It is commonly used by most smaller dealerships that re-sell cars just because it is a free service and it doesn’t require hiring an additional team for managing their website.